About Store

INDOPHARMA , sells genuine branded and sealed pharmaceuticals with batch numbers and expiry dates. Our products are manufactured by the tier one companies like Pfizer, Torrent, Abbott and others. Our shipping is worldwide and discreet. We ensure that our clients get a world class purchase experience while dealing with INDOPHARMA, by providing 18 hrs of after sales support Sunday to Friday over telegram app and observe a non working day on Saturdays. All orders are processed with personalized videos , before packaging and comes with tracking numbers.

Order Processing: Indopharma, processes orders within 48 hrs (excluding Saturdays & Sundays) once the orders are placed. Its ideal to connect to us over the telegram, to get the personalized videos that we share before shipping the items. This is done to make sure there is no confusion between what you ordered and what is being shipped.

Our shipping partners are all national postal departments i.e USPS, Aussie post, India Post etc, and delivery time could vary from 20 to 30 days depending on the destination country and remoteness of your address. However, the global tracking will ensure that you are able to check the current location till the parcels arrive at your door step.

Parcel limitation: Our general parcels can carry up to 600 pills and you can mix and match different items as long as the total count of pills are 600. The shipping cost is additional and needs to be added to your cart, while making a purchase, depending on the destination country.

Special listing: We can make a special listing specifically for you if you are looking to buy in larger volume than 1200 pills at a time.

Contact INOPHARMA after placing the order for support on telegram : @INDOPHARMA