About Store



1. Is it original?

All our products are 100% original, in the original package, unopened with all original accessories.


2. Is it unlocked?

Yes. All phones are factory unlocked.


3. Do you provide the official guarantee?

Yes, we do. Every iPhone goes with the official guarantee.


4. When will you send my order?

We will ship your order within 24 hours.


5. Are you sending a tracking number?

Of course! Аfter sending, we will send you a tracking number by e-mail.


7.  Do I have to pay customs tax?

Usually you don’t need to pay taxes but you’d better check your law. We declare the value in amount of $100 each package. This value is optimal for frequent international delivery for most countries (most of them allow it’s citizens to order for $1500 per month, so, you can order from us 15 packages per month without any issues).


8. Why are your products so cheap?

We recharged visa gift cards with the “illegal” cards. And move this balance many times at different places. Then buy amazon or eBay gift cards and finally buy the iPhones. It’s impossible for any company to trace the initial stolen card to the final product.