Claims (4)

  • This is my first purchase and i dont wanna seem annoying but its been 2 days and i have not received anything, i contacted the seller multiple times and he doesnt respond to my messages
    i mean if he is out of biz i need my money back please or at least i want him to respond to me
  • fistligue 2 years ago King of Gifts
    Hello dear administrator. Finally, after the claim, the seller wrote to me and provided me with a replacement. Everything works now.
  • I looked at your product. You are right this is not working code. If the seller does not provide you with a replacement within 3 days. You will get your money back. For now, I am suspending the shop.
  • fistligue 2 years ago King of Gifts
    After the purchase, the gift cards were sent to me by email. But he is not a working code is not accepted by the site, I cannot solve the problems with the seller, he does not want to give a replacement. I sent the received file to you, please take a look.