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  • Karamas777 1 month ago 100 Hits LSD
    All ok. Take here is not the first time, the quality really rig! Simply the best!!!The whole team is incredible!
  • All of which makes the seller is really happy. It is very difficult to find a good seller.
  • unfortunately minus
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  • Wendox8 9 months ago 100 Hits LSD
    Think the best store on the site. With the first purchase to the last, never be disappointed.
  • A good drug. Adequate price
  • rabbit_go 10 months ago 100 Hits LSD
    Everything is super as usual, there were some problems, but the administration quickly decided to store only successes about the quality of the writing makes no sense it's great.
  • FinToster 11 months ago 100 Hits LSD
    Shipping was delayed about a month, that's probably the longest shipping time of my life. Not recommend this store.
  • DillerR 11 months ago 100 Hits LSD
    For the first time, chose this shop,now I take only here!!!! The fire guys!