Price $ 13,000 This is a real british passport for your data Production time 15 days DHL shipping To make a document, we need personal information about you + your real photo. Create your order and pay for it. After payment send us your order number
  • New York
from 13 000 USD / 1pcs
real passport of franceproduction time 30 daysprice of $ 10,000
real passport of france production time 30 days price of $ 10,000
  • New York
from 10 000 USD / 1pcs
A real passport of the United States of America made to your details
A real passport of the United States of America made to your details
  • New Jersey
from 10 000 USD / 1pcs
Real Canada passport for your details Production time 30 days Price $ 10,000
Real Canada passport for your details Production time 30 days Price $ 10,000
  • New York
from 10 000 USD / 1pcs

About Store

The service is engaged in the manufacture and sale of these passports of different countries.
 Passport is not fake!  A real passport with adding you to the database of that country the passport that you are buying.
 A passport can be made to your details!
 Buying a real passport from us, you gain a new life.
 Our services are used by people who are wanted and have problems with the law.
 Thanks to our services you can start a new life!
 Document production time - 30 days.
 Getting a passport by courier (DHL)
Buy a real passport now!  Just place an order and leave feedback about our cooperation.

 Answers on questions:


 1. What data do you need for a passport?
 Answer: From you you need: A photo, date of birth and a sample of your signature.

 2. Why is it so expensive?
 Answer: In the open spaces of the darknet they sell fake passports.  This means that any police officer will identify the document as false and you will be arrested.  Our passport during verification will be real!  An official document proving your identity!  Freedom is always expensive ...

 3.How do I get a real passport?
 Answer: When the passport is ready, they will send it to you by the delivery service.

 4. How to buy a real passport?
 Answer: Make a payment and write us a private message with your details.