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Debit card for any purpose from banks in Russia, USA and Europe – offers from reliable suppliers only in an open trading floor .

Depending on the client's needs, the seller can offer a debit card with the account in any currency.

Typically, the kit is augmented with a pin code, a photocopy of your passport, Declaration card and Bank agreement.

A wide range of proposals, excellent service, fast production and delivery of debit cards – all in an exceptionally secure online guarantee complete anonymity through Garant service.

Account tied to the card in the base set: Euro, US Dollars, also open a Bank account in the desired currency;

Card number from 1-5 cards, depending on the issuing Bank.

Under the order produce cards of foreign payment orders.

Always go to meet clients. Can make card in your Bank.


Copy of passport (on demand)/questionnaire of face value
Plastic card
Sim card
Code word
Data to work with online Bank


 Warranty set 1 month.
 Card replacement if the unit holder in the period specified guaranteed period