Driver License (For your country)

Claims (10)

  • Thanks to the store team solved my question. No more complaints. The mistake was mine.
    We are glad that you were satisfied with our service.
  • I can’t contact the seller does not answer my message I made an order 13 days ago the document came but but it broke almost in two parts please solve my problem
    Hello, we apologize. Soon we will send you a new document.
  • The seller did not send me the track number so that I could track my order. The seller is not responding.
    Sorry for delay. A lot of messages we do not have time to respond to everything. We sent you the track number as a private message.
  • Just a bunch of morons, they can’t work normally. They do not respond to the message, they ignore me.
    We have already written to you.
  • Thanks for the proper approach. Solved the problem. Sent a new one. Now everything is in order there are no problems.
    We are happy to help you.
  • Not the document that I ordered came. Someone else’s photo, name and surname on the certificate, plus to all this, the document itself is wrinkled, as if they had pulled it out of the garbage and sent it to me. What kind of negligent approach to work?
    Hello, send us a photo of the goods. We will solve your problem soon.
  • I have a claim a driver's license was delivered, but that's not mine driver's license. What should I do?
    Do not worry, we have already contacted you within a few days, we will solve your problem.
  • I have been waiting for almost a month, my order has still not been delivered.
    Please wait for the order. It will be delivered within 3 days. Sorry for delay.
  • The service replaced my order, resent, I received what I wanted. Thank you for solving the problem.
    Thanks for the positive feedback.
  • I ordered a fake document, the order arrived on time. Not my photo is stuck on the document. You made a mistake. I do not need this driver's license. What should I do? I sent you a photo of the goods that I received. Please solve my problem.
    Hello, yes, we looked at the photo. You are right, it is our fault. Soon we will send you a new driver’s license. Don't be upset.