ID Cards ( country of choice)

About Store

Our service is engaged in the production of ID cards

 We work with all countries of the European Union
 We produce only real identification cards
 You can buy an identity card online by filling out an application in our store
 Document preparation is a very time-consuming process and takes a lot of time.


As you know, the id card contains a series of data
 To make a real id card for you, we need the following data from you:
 1. Your photo
 2. Sample Signature
 3. Your fingerprints
 4. Delivery address
 How can I send your prints to us?
 Answer: In order for us to receive your prints you need to take a simple ink and put your prints on a piece of paper.
 This must be done very carefully.
 Then take a picture or scan this paper and send us in an internal chat in a personal message.
 Production time 21 days
 Dhl shipping