How to enter the tor network? Darknet sites how to find onion sites

The dark side of the Internet, the Darknet, the Deep Web – a lot of names, but the essence is the same. Behind them lie those web resources, which are difficult to access through the Chrome browser (and the like) and almost impossible to find using Google, Yandex and other search engines. Sounds scary and intriguing at the same time, isn't it? Many people are downloading tor to get there. But not everyone understands what it needs to do. So let's look at how to go to the Darknet via Tor.

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Step # 1: Install Tor Browser

Step # 2: Finding Darknet sites

In fact, on the "dark side" you can find anything. But there hosted sites do not necessarily have to be any illegal or unethical, though such is certainly present. To get there from the user requires only two things:

Have installed on your computer or laptop, the Internet browser tor.

Knowledge of links to web resources located in the "Deep Web".

That is no secret manipulation, multi-page input code and other strange actions for you to perform. In this article, we first analyze the procedure of installation anonymous browser, and then methods for finding hidden resources.Picture the browser's Use of tor

Step # 1: Install Tor Browser

To get to the dark side of the Internet, you need to use a special browser. In principle it is possible for this purpose to configure any conventional Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But it is much easier and safer will still be Thor. To install it follow these steps:

Visit the page official site of the project.

Open the block containing information about the desired version of the operating system.

Save the proposed file by clicking on Download. For example, for 64-bit Windows it looks like this:Download Tor 64-bit version of Windows

In the welcome window of the browser click on "Connect".The Connect button when you launch Tor Browser for Windows 10

Step # 2: Finding hidden Internet sites

Now you have everything you need to access the Dark Web. Links to relevant online resources are as follows:

xxx.onion where (xxx is the main part of the URL, and onion pseudo – top-level domain, the normal resources instead it is ru, com, org, net and so on).

As an example, open the link rougmnvswfsmd4dq.the onion, which leads to a page with detailed statistics Torah (Metric). Just copy it from the article, paste in the address bar anonymous browser and hit Enter on the keyboard.Tor Metrics website in Tor Browser On the uploaded site you will find detailed information on network traffic, users, servers and other important statistical aspects.

And for the convenient search for onion sites in Tor, there are many search engines. We recommend paying attention to these projects:

Ahmia - msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion

Not Evil - hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion

TORCH - xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion

21 May 2020 в 12:20