Pandemic triggered unprecedented darknet activity

Darknet, "Dark web", Dark Web — the hidden side of the Internet has many names. Now, during a pandemic, the activity in it has increased many times. The main contribution to this was made by fraud, according to a former employee of the national security Agency USA (NSA), Morgan Wright.

For fraudsters of all stripes illness COVID-19 has become the "new niche" in the global web.

Darknet was developed by the US military for communication and cooperation in their own interests in a safe and anonymous mode. Access the "Dark web" reveal fairly common tools, such as Tor browser. It focuses on confidentiality and is able to hide data to the user and his actions. Due to this, scammers are counting on impunity. Law enforcement is much more difficult to track down criminals. Often, however, and ordinary people use the Dark Web, if you want to remain anonymous on the Network.

The criminals hope that the increased sense of fear will make people buy these products. Moreover, their prices increased significantly. According to a report by the Australian Institute of criminology, the average cost of a fake vaccine in darknet is $ 370. In this one, presumably Chinese, sold at 10-15 thousand dollars.

One of the reasons for the growth of these sales is a temporary inability to "earn" the money for the usual Scam methods. Pandemic, for example, forced them to abandon the trade in fraudulent tickets, travel and mass entertainment are now banned in many countries.

Significantly increased the number of cases of so-called "phishing" — where fraudsters pretend to be any organization or person, hoping to get logins and passwords and personal information, allowing you to steal money from the accounts. The attacks began with the forgery of sites and applications companies and organizations. Then the wave reached the far smaller resources, experts say.

On the darknet already selling "phishing kits" for beginners. It is a ready means of fraud, through which you can emulate Apple or LinkedIn using the standard templates. Many of these services and products are offered at a discount "on the occasion of coronavirus". People who spetsializiruyutsya on phishing pages, shadow VPN networks or spam services, I believe that this is the best time for earnings and the distribution of these programs, assured analysts.

Because social networks and news sources in most cases suppress the misinformation, many rumors spread in the "Dark web". In addition, such forums often serve as a gateway to the markets where people offer their products or services to target audience. For scammers this is another way to earn in the coming months.

From the darknet criminal groups attack the hospital or health organization. During a pandemic, they become "juicy targets" because of their vulnerability and importance. Fraudsters rely on the fact that in such a challenging environment, increases the likelihood of ransom payments.

In the "Dark net" appears more and more offers for sale of information related to public health, medical institutions, and even the personal data of doctors and medical staff. Criminals spread wider base.

The reverse side of the darknet is that many journalists, activists and ordinary citizens can communicate in his space, without fear of censorship. Here read the news and use software blocked by some governments. Group on the protection of digital rights Netblocks, I'm sure, many States restrict access to the Network, in an effort to control the flow of information on the spread of the coronavirus.

"It's a double-edged sword, the use of which as a society we are not accustomed to. We must protect freedom of expression and to ensure privacy.But at the same time, we must track down and stop people who abuse these freedoms, ”said Javvad Malik.

On the eve it became known that a huge number of fraudsters from Nigeria picked up the keys to US government programs. Now they are receiving US unemployment benefits via the Internet.

21 May 2020 в 11:13