United States has spent more than $13 million on the Tor Project

For many years, for the Tor browser fixed the title of the main door leading into the cloaca of a global network of Darknet. They sell drugs, people, arms and internal organs. Using Tor is even possible to order the murder of a man. It was thought that Tor autonomously and supported by users, but it turned out that the darknet browser does not exist without the support of the US Government.

Tor is the most popular anonymizer in the Internet. It allows you to travel in the virtual space and not leave a digital footprint (e.g. IP address and entry points) due to the so-called onion routing, which underlies the architecture of the browser. This architecture filters out all user data before entry in the

Tor, making the Network completely anonymous.

Where's the money, johnny?

Tor has always been positioned as a non-profit project. But that live and develop a product of its creators? It was believed that the founders and the main administrators Tor live on the interest from selling inside the browser products. But a life was proof that the browser is functioning thanks to money generously allocated to different government organizations in the United States.

The first major structure in the list — Bureau of democracy, human rights and labor. A kind of "military wing" of the US State Department. Another notable organization that is sponsoring the Tor browser, is a registered California NGO Internews. In third place is the State Fund for science and research Fund at Stanford University (SRI) that distributes technology grants of the United States for financial return, social and financial changes. Closes this link, the national science Foundation (NSF) is an independent Agency of the U.S. Government, under the jurisdiction of which includes issues of development of science and technology. With the help of these funds, in particular, various target grants are awarded public money of the United States.

In further support Tor included media. Among those who Finance Tor managed to find a radio "Free Asia" — a private nonprofit organization, the lion's share of funding which comes from the Federal budget of the United States. By an amazing coincidence, "radio Free Asia" part of the structure of the U.S. Agency for global media.

Go for it — the international NGOs on Affairs of the Commonwealth. And it's only the largest investors. In addition to the direct involvement of state agencies of the United States has life been found other evidence Tor the functioning of the state grants US. If you count all investments U.S. agencies together, it turns out that in just five years, from 2012 to 2017, the US has spent on the improvement of the supposedly completely anonymous browser more than 13 million dollars.

21 May 2020 в 13:46