So if anonymous is Tor network really? Anonymity and risk

Anonymity and risk — two sides of the same coin

Positioning at Tor network is very attractive. The developers claim that it allows you to remain anonymous on the Internet. Also Tor is used to bypass government blocking of Internet services that is introduced with the purpose of censorship.

In fact, Tor is a very bad reputation and the increased attention on the part of those whose activities are illegal. Tor — browser purely American, and anonymity is not worth it at the forefront. Tor primarily intended as a guide to the Darknet, deep web where made available not only dangerous to life and health products and substances, but also encouraged marginal forms of behavior through which comes the destruction of cultural values.

Especially dangerous is the property of Tor for unstable individuals — children and teenagers who simply to show how the anonymous Internet. And from him to the deep, dark single click.

Alarming to Tor and the fact that the Americans, knocking in the first place trying to bring the browser in those parts of the world where there is the slightest hint of freedom of speech. They rush there, of course, is the discussion of the browser. Active support in this direction to the American agencies have a short-sighted help. Best example — unpacking the parcels from the Darknet.

So if anonymous is Tor network really?

If you look at the history of this product, it is possible to detect an interesting detail. Technology that would make the message or data of the Internet user is unavailable to decrypt, began to be developed in 1995. Created it not a civil programmers, and the best cryptographers at the naval research laboratory, USA.

Thought soft as cryptographic machine "Enigma", only instead of radio technology, later taken as the basis for the Tor browser, start encrypting electronic data from the intelligence services of other countries. It turns out that the browser that provides anonymous flow of information and bypass state limiters in different countries, established a governmental military structure. The goal was the successful conduct of information warfare and air traffic control.

Of course, the developers have never missed a chance and left themselves a backdoor — a loophole through which the military and intelligence services can spy on the users of their product in the future.

Many experts have repeatedly recognized that even using Tor network, user devices still leave barely visible digital footprint.It is important to note that although browser users can manually specify an entry or exit point on the Tor network, developers advise leaving the choice of entry point to the discretion of the system.

That is, they ask to entrust personal data to them. For maximum security, the browser developers have created a special Tor Controller, which, according to the statements, allows you to change the chain of IP addresses and reconnects them automatically in an undefined order. But nowhere is it written that these algorithms are highly likely to be controlled. And this is not to mention the fact that other network applications can also operate inside Tor, which in one way or another provide data on the user's location and the type of incoming and outgoing traffic. And if so, then there can be no talk of absolute anonymity in Tor network.

21 May 2020 в 14:28