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  • Maintain our reputation, and who is dissatisfied or believe that it is the best product and super mega adequate command or search for something different. I, personally, found. Hugged.
  • hard148888 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    It's nice that everything is always clear and super cold./
  • cheyzo432 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    All perfectly pleasant to work with.
  • flaMs 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    everything is OK except the quality of which has decreased by 20%
  • amfdnp 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    The quality is excellent. The administration is wonderful. Thank you for your sensitive attitude to customers
  • DiEgo.Boy 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    There is an assumption that people who write reviews in rubbish shops and La top/gun/old violet /sneakers/the fire stuff...if you get with this stuff... Order surprised after trying a real quality product. By the way, I was one of the first buyers.
  • Fideli0 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    Very accurate, fast and reliable!) . The nostalgia for me. Super thanks
  • As always at the highest level !!!! 10/10/10 is a Pity that only blocked the old account ((so now I write with a new account !!! Shop as always ,the best !!!
  • ctrlc 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    Everything is cool, just cool
  • aven18 2 years ago 200 Hits LSD
    thank you all for the work done