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  • bus68 1 month ago MSR605
    You work fast and accurately
  • blagotvoritel77 2 months ago MSR605
    Product did not meet specifications at all. Very bad customer service and never got a full refund for faulty parts. WARNING: DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!
  • TiltWeedMan 3 months ago MSR605
    Very reasonable price for product, and also good quality thanks.
  • xnty 3 months ago MSR605
    Great customer service. Would work with this company again and again in the future. Highly recommend.
  • zyxxel282 5 months ago MSR605
    high quality products, excellent feedback, prompt on-time delivery (faster and more professional than any other competing service i have ever used in the past!!)
  • 3JIblgeHb 6 months ago MSR605
    prompt, efficient company and services!! best have ever had from Darknet to date!!
  • cos68 6 months ago MSR605
    Have been doing consistent business with this supplier for the past 7 month... the prices are fair, the lead time is the quickest have been able to find in the industry.
  • Guf Zeme 006 6 months ago MSR605
    The proceed was easy, good time response and very clearly information.
  • Gomerida 7 months ago MSR605
    as is usually the case, this supplier has exceeded my expectations!!
  • bernight 8 months ago MSR605
    It looks like the seller does not give a shit about the wishes of the buyers. I have to evaluate the work of the store accordingly. 2 points.