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    100 pcs
    1 996 USD / 12.1737 XMR
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  • Gera163r 2 months ago Hashish "Hard"
    The first time you have take everything was actually very easy and simple Thank you 10 points, thank You will look in on you more
  • marlboro77 5 months ago Hashish "Hard"
    All the bomb! The caged bird is a goose in the oven!!!
  • As usual, no problem! The team's gratitude for the work done!
  • Weight as described! The fiery stuff! Prosperity and good luck!!!
  • no problem . Everything is always clearly and easily. Shop top. 11.11.11
  • pig006 1 year ago Hashish "Hard"
    Once again we see the professionalism of this store, everything is always clear, according to weight and quality. Well done! Work on !
  • Had problems,but found a shop with a compromise. Everything is super!
  • hinson65 2 years ago Hashish "Hard"
    After your preparation, I really was bad, now everything is fine damn that you are there doing the experiments?
  • Vanvan 2 years ago Hashish "Hard"
    Finally had a chance to try your product. Well what can I say.. the team is one of the best on the court, there was a slight problem with the previous order. Wrote to the store, explained and helped me for this special thanks.
  • You guys are just the BEST!!! As usual - perfect!!! 100/100/100