Driver License (For your country)

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  • My order did not come on time that the seller said, I wrote to the seller, after two days I received a document.
  • I paid for the order and waited 12 days, the seller did not respond. I returned my money back through the site administration.
  • I did not wait for a long time delivery was fast. I am very glad that I worked with such a team.
  • I needed a driver's license, for a long time I was looking in the darknet. Finally I found adequate guys who normally do the job.
  • Received my order. I recommend this service. They work as they should.
  • I expected attention for a long time, after 6 days they processed my order. Now I'm waiting for delivery. As my order arrives, I will write about the result.
  • I have been working with guys for 2 years, to be honest, there were several times with delivery problems, but they resolved the issue quickly. Thank you for your long cooperation.
  • Good service
  • They did everything through the ass, did not receive their order, they sent it not to my address. Through the administration, they decided the issue of the money received back to the Bitcoin wallet. Keep correspondence with the seller to solve further problems.
  • For several days I was nervous with this service, they can’t do their job normally. For the operation of the service, my rating is 2 stars.