Frozen [CRSTLL]


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  • mapuha 8 months ago Frozen [CRSTLL]
    Again, a little weight, already stop doing it. Lose a client
  • Sheer shit, don't take it here. You will regret as I am.
  • Several times in a row I take from this store. Of course, there were problems without them, but in general, you can work with the store.
  • Incredibly, I received my order. Shop delivery is super safe.
  • wl2000 2 years ago Frozen [CRSTLL]
    People are really professionals in their field. Who needs a wonderful stuff without thinking can take from this store.
  • m1f3 2 years ago Frozen [CRSTLL]
    I wish everyone a great mood! The party was a success))
  • Some orders did not arrive
  • The operator is always online, solved a really difficult situation. More shops like you.
  • Stuff is very different from the previous one. The color and smell are very suspicious. I hope this will not happen again.
  • Despite the low weight, I will not lower the rating next time if I repeat myself, I will bomb you with the maximum.