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  • It is not often possible to write reviews! But when 3 times everything is smooth and it's nice to write! Many thanks for the even drugs!
  • Thanks to the store team for your understanding in a problem situation. 5 stars.
  • Gunpowder pleased both quality and quantity
  • Hello, this is the first time I took in this store, there are few orders on the account, there were problems, but the store quickly sorted out, I did not expect, very good attitude
  • Everything is exactly))) as always! All the best guys keep it up. respect to the courier
  • Everything is just great in terms of quantity and quality, too, everything is super, I'll be back
  • God me 2 months ago MDMA (Netherlands)
    nice day, in a good mood. guys keep it up
  • 10/10/10 Thank you, everything is great! Very accurate Overall a wonderful deal and a good result - excellent quality.
  • I got what I ordered. This is not a deception but that is delivered very slowly, there are clearly big problems with this.
  • Thank you very much, you, as always, are at a height of 10/10, I love you, I will come again =)