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  • A big plus for your reputation) +++
  • pihchelovo 2 months ago Etherium 300mg
    Very disappointed with the store. They worked fine and suddenly problems began. Which was not very easy to solve. I advise you to fix your work.
  • xannydope 2 months ago Etherium 300mg
    The store just sucks don't mess with them. You will regret as I am. Stuff is not bad. But that's how people are complete freaks. The drug was sent with a low weight.
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  • THIS IS MY FIFTH SUCCESSFUL SHIPPING. All of them were delivered to their destination without a single problem.
  • st56 3 months ago Etherium 300mg
    Nice shop, I liked the good approach to the client.
  • We took the goods for trial. After checking, we ordered another 100 grams. Everything was neatly delivered. No problem.
  • Iphone3003 4 months ago Etherium 300mg
    Lazy creatures, process my order already, I have been waiting for more than 5 days.
  • Metaobo 4 months ago Etherium 300mg
    Got what I wanted was the most important thing for me.
  • Falkao 5 months ago Etherium 300mg
    I wish you good luck in your future work.