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  • The seller is very pleased with the work. he professionally approaches her work. The service is unique, what I needed.
  • Received the document. I have been trying to buy for a year already, twice I came across scammers. Here I finally bought it for the my own data I needed.
  • I recommend this seller as a good specialist in documents. I recently ordered to buy a passport with entry into the database. Without a doubt, wonderful quality and honest seller.
  • As in the description, I replenished my deposit on the site. Paid for a position on the site. I sent the data to the seller. The timeline dragged on for 40 days. But in the end I got my passport. I personally checked it for real.
  • The documents have all the degrees of protection, but I was worried in vain. not fake passport is real. quality work and fast execution.
  • This is the first time I use this service. As for the quality, I can not say anything, the original passport is just super, plus it was really added to the database.
  • There were big problems in my life, the store helped me out. They helped and pulled out of this situation.
  • I do not buy a passport every day, so I thoroughly approached the choice of the seller. The seller approached in communication and in decency is not inferior to the saint. No kidding. I sent my data and began to wait, the seller sent a track number and I tracked my order. It was generally cool.
  • I recommend the services of this service. It's very hard to believe, but the seller gave me a literal new life.
  • No answer for 6-7 days. The passport was delivered without any problems. There are some problems with the passport. He has deteriorated a little, he sent the photo to the seller so far he is silent.