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  • Thanks for the license, I checked the wiring and everything is in chocolate!
  • Got my driver license! The donor was selected super, I set very complex selection parameters both by category and by experience and by region, but they did exactly what was needed! Well done!
  • Helped to buy a license without those muddy exams.
  • He did everything in the best possible way. He provided all the data for filling, wrote everything as I asked. Quality for 5, delivery on time.
  • DHL delivery to me my order the seller made as needed and ordered.
  • The order was completed in 1 day and it took another 15 days to deliver the documents to us. Manufactured professionally!
  • orders fulfill everything as written in his, in principle, leave my rating 10 out of 10
  • Today after work I took the package. The quality is just amazing, I didn't even expect such a result. Top class work! My respect!
  • long 15 days of waiting. actually sent an envelope. I followed the tracker, I thought there would be some calendars ...
  • His reputation is impeccable, so he immediately transferred the money to him. I hope my order will be completed as well as the rest.