iPhone XS 256 GB

Electronics (iphone ipad macbook)

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  • had to wait 3 days longer than promised, but it was worth it New,
  • Thanks bro! The package arrived, everything is at its best !!!))
  • Zager 2 months ago iPhone XS 256 GB
    I thought a divorce, but it was not there, I ordered it, everything came on time, the quality of the top)
  • myfrum 3 months ago iPhone XS 256 GB
    I order it seems 5 times and as always everything is good, success
  • vacth 4 months ago iPhone XS 256 GB
    There are delays of 2-3 days, work on the logistics, otherwise it is unnerving, otherwise no complaints
  • mcgregor 4 months ago iPhone XS 256 GB
    They made me an order in 13 days, everything is super, I will order more.
  • Makein 4 months ago iPhone XS 256 GB
    Today they brought an order for an iphone pro, almost 2 weeks of waiting were not in vain (fucking quarantine), thank you very much, it's very nice to deal with you!
  • 123gds1 5 months ago iPhone XS 256 GB
    Thank you very much my friend, the iMac delivered everything in one piece today, thank you!
  • Normally service, not in vain looked) I checked it on myself!
  • Ordered apples Everything came on time. Taking into account the bonus in the form of airpods, it turned out to be generally very profitable. Definitely respect service, I will contact you constantly