Emigration Au Pair


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  • It was a long process, I was ready for any result, and to be honest I waited so much that there was no longer any hope that everything would end well.
  • Thank you very much for the services provided.
  • Everything went quickly and easily. There were no difficulties, I just paid for the service and they did everything beautifully and competently.
  • iXL_ 2 years ago Emigration Au Pair
    I had to sweat, it was not easy for me to get asylum. But in the end, did the service help? Yes, he helped me, I sent money to the service for the work done.
  • Hello, I was nobody, now I have a job and life is slowly getting better. Thanks for the service.
  • They helped me a lot, the service is worth the money. thanks a lot
  • The service helped a really difficult situation.
  • My rating for the work of the service is certainly 5+ because I have not seen such people in my life who can really help you with such serious matters.
  • Of course, I would like to write a lot about the work of the service, but I think there is no point in pouring water, briefly and clearly helped with the migration, now I'm fine.
  • For such a service, you can pay that kind of money is really not a pity. Thank you for treating customers honestly.