LSD-25 Microdot


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  • I buy from the Seller consistently! Always the goods come
  • Axelon 3 months ago LSD-25 Microdot
    Great seller. His attitude is very adequate and helps if needed immediately, I bought a lot of stuff here
  • Scott3 4 months ago LSD-25 Microdot
    The material was provided of high quality, and at the agreed time. The material is fully verified The transaction with the seller was successful
  • I had no problems with the purchase.
  • I work with a seller on an ongoing basis, he is always in touch and provides a quality product.
  • RagWall 6 months ago LSD-25 Microdot
    I didn't delay the delivery, I fulfilled all the conditions - you can trust the person! Satisfied)
  • Miss y 7 months ago LSD-25 Microdot
    I want to express my sincere respect for the work!
  • I got everything perfectly, I have no problems, the work was done on time) I advise the seller ...
  • All at the highest level! A quick and adequate answer. Fast sending. When unpacking, I found a wet thing, this is not acceptable
  • Dasgang 8 months ago LSD-25 Microdot
    I waited about two weeks somewhere, but the main thing was delivered!