• Berlin: City
    100 pcs
    1 315 USD / 7.5644 XMR
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  • wcal 1 month ago MDMA (import)
    I will not write unnecessary words. Shop shit, take my word for it.
  • whatsapp 1 month ago MDMA (import)
    Many thanks. I will continue to order. Especially since you provide support, if anything
  • hools 1 year ago MDMA (import)
    A good clean product tastes very soft.
  • StarWar 1 year ago MDMA (import)
    A normal seller does not think that someone will have problems when working with this seller.
  • silvx 1 year ago MDMA (import)
    Honest and decent guys, you will not regret taking a cleaning stuff.
  • The item was not delivered at the specified time. Minus the store.
  • Z-Gan 2 years ago MDMA (import)
    The quality of the goods pleased no questions to the store
  • shooter 2 years ago MDMA (import)
    They helped out a lot during the period of lack of money. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I bought it at a bargain price and sold it for a lot more.
  • Assassin 2 years ago MDMA (import)
    With the delivery of the problem, it is always the third time and I take it and every time they are late.
  • Vin_Diese 2 years ago MDMA (import)
    I turned to the guys, they did their job well.