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  • knx 1 month ago Copy Sim Card
    I like here with you, I received the goods quickly!
  • frushe 2 months ago Copy Sim Card
    Very afraid to send my address, He sent in the name of another person, I will call the donor. Got my SIM card.
  • RCdream 2 months ago Copy Sim Card
    I ordered 3 SIM cards, one of them was not working. The money was returned by the administrator.
  • I could not dare to order me or not. Read the reviews, many satisfied customers. It helped me with the decision.
  • \Thesame 3 months ago Copy Sim Card
    SIM card does not work. Are you kidding on me? I do not recommend them.
  • kilopli 4 months ago Copy Sim Card
    Read the customer reviews, I realized that maybe the SIM card to be not working. But I really needed this service. Took a chance ordered. Fortunately all went well. Brought my SIM card and it works.
  • bayern 1 year ago Copy Sim Card
    here's a thank you guys for your promptness
  • I think orders from the seller very much. 2 months ago I got a SIM card for 6 days at the place of delivery. And now for the 6 days of processed order.
  • Subway 1 year ago Copy Sim Card
    Tempting offer, I needed just such a service. Delivered by courier.
  • Nickname 1 year ago Copy Sim Card
    Thank you for the safe delivery.