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  • There were no such serious problems, everything is fine
  • Received cards for cashing, 5 pieces, cashed out 2 pieces already. Everything is working.
  • The only drawback is the very long delivery time. As well okay.
  • Got it all. The operator is responsive, explains everything in detail, reviewed the application quickly and received it even before the stated deadline. Thank you for your store, I think I will contact you more than once. Good luck in your work.
  • mr3haha 2 months ago balance of $ 6000
    Where is the pin code? How can I cash out this way?
    Of course, the issue was resolved, but it is impossible to work the same way.
  • asi23 3 months ago balance of $ 6000
    Some kind of confusion with the characteristics of the product. operator # 1 promises one thing and operator # 2 says that the information is incorrect and it is impossible to fulfill the requirements for the goods at the moment and additional conditions need to be discussed. disappointed overall. very unfortunate ...
  • XSLAV 3 months ago balance of $ 6000
    The PIN code sent by the seller does not match.
  • I had two cards with incorrect pins. just the last two and already thought three only workers. whose stupidity?
  • A good way to make good money. Withdrawal money cleanly and calmly.
  • ga2 4 months ago balance of $ 6000
    The cards are workers, well done. Very high quality plastic.