$10 000 = $425

Cloned Credit Cards

from 425 USD / 1pcs
2.4381848430956 XMR
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  • New York: City
    1 pcs
    425 USD / 2.4382 XMR
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  • metanvn 1 month ago $10 000 = $425
    I ordered it on the advice of a friend. It was nice to deal with the seller did not expect to know such a person. Helped in everything.
  • There were no complaints, everything is stable. Didn't worry too much. Worked with a seller, I know him from another site
  • dndbd 2 years ago $10 000 = $425
    For a long time I bought cards after already threw it all, now I was interested in the seller's offer, I decided to start anew my old activity. Fortunately, everything went clean and well.
  • clayes23 2 years ago $10 000 = $425
    Cool seller, sent my cards within 4 days after payment.
  • The seller sent the cards through the lamest logistics company. Waited for the order for more than a month. Is this normal? I do not advise
  • Mrizzy 2 years ago $10 000 = $425
    The working card. I worked before this seller, with another he stopped responding. The prices for the cards are reasonable.
  • Keyia 2 years ago $10 000 = $425
    I made the right decision. The cards came.
  • Carddda 2 years ago $10 000 = $425
    I'm ready to order a few more pieces, these cards are valid.
  • The seller is a real rat, he does not want to pay extra money for faster delivery. I asked for an additional payment.
  • ilyez 2 years ago $10 000 = $425
    I ordered 5 pieces at once, I also do carding. But the seller has a lot more balance of cards than mine. Easier to buy than mine.