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  • it turns out that I'm happy with everything here, so I like this approach to business
  • The service really works, and I'll tell you honestly it works very well. The passport was needed in a very short time, for an additional payment they accelerated the process. I received my passport.
  • Accurately and competently sent to the agreed delivery within the agreed time. This is a great result.
  • delivered quickly everything, that's for this separate respect
  • On that week, passport had already been made while checking back and forth, quarantine prevented all plans. I thought about how to be with delivery, but the guys settled everything. I'm happy with everything in fact, and I add a review as to the agreement.
  • I got my passport. I didn't even expect such excellent quality. The check was passed, there will be a lot of orders from me, I have been trying for a long time to find such intelligent specialists in this matter, but all came across only swindlers.
  • All requirements were met with precision. Well done.
  • I really needed help, I liked the site. This is where the deal can be safely closed. If the seller turns out to be a fraud, he will not receive the money) 100% refund. Fortunately, I did not have such problems.
  • The operator is responsive and answers all questions in clear language. It is a pleasure to work with this store.
  • good day
    On Friday, they confirmed the readiness of the passport and immediately after payment was sent on Saturday.
    Today the courier did not bring the package.
    Thank you. All the best to you in your personal and business