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  • bradyyzz 2 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    10 out of 10! Reached in 5 days, the box was a little broken, but the doll is in excellent condition! Great packaging, the doll is heavy as advertised, which makes it more realistic, all the details of the order went like hours! The quality is amazing! More life than I imagined. I am now a loyal customer of your company!
  • securityface 3 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    The package was large, I had to pay a large amount for delivery.
  • ElenaHaze 4 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    My doll, well, I can't say that everything is fine, only the chest is perfect.
  • Verlaao1 6 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    The doll came with a defect. Didn't expect such a turn. I would gladly return my money back, but it's a pity that it won't work out already.
  • taqwe 8 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    the material of the sex doll is very lively. I have two dolls of both type wm and this doll, unlike others, is made much better than them. other skin, softer and more flexible in all parts of the body. The chest is much more realistic, as are the other parts below. Feelings are just amazing!
  • analboom2 8 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    The seller works flawlessly
  • TrapHash 9 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    A masterpiece of human hands, never met such a perfect sex doll before.
  • BigTimes 11 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    Sex is a pleasure with this doll. I seem to have fallen in love ..
  • kingOFnorth 11 months ago Lupe Fuentes
    She is really beautiful, she sleeps with me every night. 5 stars is not enough, you need 6! thanks to the staff!
  • bull31452 1 year ago Lupe Fuentes
    Very nice material, when you touch it immediately it is clear that this is not shit, but very high quality material.