Iphone 11 pro max.

Electronics (iphone ipad macbook)

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  • I bought 5 its really new
  • 555++

  • We have fulfilled all the obligations, everything came as it was in the product description.
  • Thank you very much to the seller for the fast execution!!! Well done, very nice to cooperate with you!!! The parcel came well packed. Later I will leave a review about the quality
  • The price is just ridiculous, almost like a gift)) thanks
  • Quickly sent, quickly reached. Packed reliably. Good price, the performance is excellent. Detailed reviews with all the charms of this device can be found on the Internet without problems, therefore,
  • The order came within the specified time. The parcel is whole, it was packed perfectly. Everything corresponds to the order. Thank you store!
  • The product came not new, I can not recommend this seller, I do not want someone to worry like me.
  • A good phone for its price, a very long delivery took 43 days. The box is sealed. The seller is not talkative for a very long time or is silent.
  • I use 3 days. it turned out that the phone constantly loses the cell signal.