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  • hw0me102 1 month ago IMac pro
    A responsive seller answers all questions quickly and in detail.
  • Smoke1457 1 month ago IMac pro
    I advise a sociable seller.
  • Mc Pes 2 months ago IMac pro
    The store has to improve its services a lot of problematic points. If you try, there will be a lot of customers and positive reviews.
  • solivaqiwitab 2 months ago IMac pro
    What the fuck is a MacBook without an adapter? You really are idiots.
  • v0l9 3 months ago IMac pro
    This was the last order in this disgusting store. Fuck you.
  • Illuminati_77 4 months ago IMac pro
    I'm tired of this store with its shit goods. You deserve this rating.
  • IRS13 4 months ago IMac pro
    MacBook doesn't meet my requirement. We sent a completely different product. I knew it. I do not recommend buying anything here.
  • SpaceRecruit 4 months ago IMac pro
    I have been buying for my online store for several months now, there have been no complaints from buyers.
  • Cheapslut 5 months ago IMac pro
    I do not recommend this store. Long delivery times and poor quality goods make a person nervous.
  • workout22 7 months ago IMac pro
    The product is more than resaleable. Already raised good money on this business.